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What our clients are saying!

“Monica is a wonderful yoga teacher. Her classes are a journey through training, stretching and relaxing one set of muscle groups and then the next. She offers helpful modifications to increase or decrease intensity. She also offers insightful thoughts to meditate on during various poses. I highly recommend Monica’s class for students at all levels.”    

- Jen Tonisso -

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“Monica W is a fantastic yoga teacher. I feel like I get the most out of yoga when she is teaching the class compared to any of the other yoga teachers.”       

- Anonymous  -


“I adore the yoga class with Monica. She helps us build inner strength and inner peace and self-love and acceptance.”     

- Cindy Burg Ullman  -


"Monica is super awesome with positive energy, wise quotes and unique sequences in her classes that always leave me feeling great!"

- Rex Buchanan  -


"Monica was my yoga teacher on a week-long hiking and yoga retreat in Norway. Her (vinyasa) classes were pretty challenging - which I thoroughly enjoyed - and well-planned. She is energetic, fun and gives clear instructions. Monica also played great music during our classes, even personalizing one tune to a song that meant something special to our group. If you’re looking for an uplifting class, Monica is your woman!"

- Rosie, the Netherlands -

"Monica was a yoga teacher at a retreat I attended in Norway. She is a high energy, encouraging and motivating instructor. She took the lead on our hiking trips and we all really enjoyed her company and positive attitude. I wish her all the best.”  

- Meeta -


"If you want a yoga-body asap, Monica should be the right choice!"

- Andrea  -


"Yoga with Monica is not for the faint of heart. Get ready to work, sweat, reflect and ultimately relax. I love how she incorporated music, which made it an experience I never had before in a yoga class. So if you get a chance to work with her, grab it."

- Simon Weimans  -


"I was lucky enough to have Monica as my yoga instructor at a yoga and hiking retreat in Norway.   Her yoga classes were so awesome!   I loved breaking a sweat to dance music in her high intensity classes in the morning and relaxing to her calming voice during the evening restorative classes.  She also was a great hiking buddy and introduced me to trail running!   She has such positive energy.  I hope to see her in a yoga studio or a mountain again someday soon!"

- Samuel Bennett -


"In this crazy world we live in, the most relaxing part of my week is attending Monica's Surrender yin-yoga class. Her soothing voice instantly transports me to a deep state of calm and reflection. And somehow Monica makes me feel better about myself and life with her gentle reminders. Beautiful energy just radiates from Monica's soul and makes me want to be a better person.  She is without a doubt my favorite yoga instructor of all time."

- Dawn Scriber   -

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