Private Jets are better than Commercial Travel

Travel as Our Duty

When it comes to travel, it’s safe to say there’s something for everyone. After all, regardless of your reasons, you’ll likely feel the urge to travel that we call wander lust, because, quite simply, humans, along with most of the animal kingdom, are hardwired to explore their surroundings. This was once, and still is for other animals, a necessity for survival, a way to find food, water, and shelter. Now, however, since we have conquered the natural world, travel is more of a luxury, but we still desire that feeling of exploration and discovery. Lucky for us, there’s still plenty to explore and discover, bt it’s less necessary, strictly speaking, and less based on survival. Now, travel is more of a mental game, feeding our minds, instead of our bodies. So, while it’s deemed a luxury and a privilege, I would actually argue that it’s not only an inalienable right but also our duty to ourselves and our fellow man. Because, in this modern world of ours, we have allowed ourselves to become our own worst enemies.

Despite, quite simply, knowing better, we still engage in constant war, we let wealth accrue in a small concentration and leave much of the masses to do without, etc. The list goes on and on, but the gist is that we’re not all that kind to each other, or the planet, for that matter. Seeing more of the world would, I imagine, be a good remedy for this problem. This is in line with the Overview Effect reported by astronauts seeing the earth in its entirety (well, an entire half) from space. It gave them a sense of how small they were as part of the global human community and, in their minds, at least, unified all of mankind.

While there are major differences in that anecdote and my own ramblings here, there is a common thread of realizing your place in the world as being a small part of something greater. In turn, I would hope, we could all learn to be better to one another, because, after all, we’re all on the same team at the end of the day. Individuals never declare war, not that they have the power, neighborhoods don’t declare war. Governments declare war, those big, bloated, corrupt rulers of the common man and yet out of touch with all things common. If this glowing recommendation isn’t enough to convince you of the values of travel, that’s a shame, but surely you can still see some value in it. Either way, don’t forget to remember you trip with some gear from Personalization Mall.